Meet Our Managers

  • Melanie Thompson RPT

    Centre Manager Bank and Heron Wellness Centre

    While pursuing a Biology degree at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, N.S., Melanie developed an interested in physiotherapy while volunteering as a physiotherapy aide at the on-campus physiotherapy clinic. This experience inspired her to pursue a career as a physiotherapist and shortly thereafter, she was accepted into the Physiotherapy program at Dalhousie University. She became very interested in the treatment of both musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. While completing her studies in physiotherapy, Melanie coordinated the "Abilities in Motion (A.I.M)" program through the local YMCA, a program which allows clients with both musculoskeletal and neurological conditions (with limited ability to visit a community gym) work in a fully accessible environment at the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre.

    After graduation in 2007, Melanie relocated to Ottawa to begin her career at Family Physiotherapy Centre's Kanata Wellness Centre. Over the last 4 years, Melanie has continued her post-graduate education by taking courses to advance her knowledge and skills with a primary focus in the study of orthopaedic conditions and treatment. These include, but are not limited to courses in manual therapy, myofascial release, acupuncture, and taping. Melanie has a passion for helping her clients understand their injuries and feels this is key in a client's ability to be successful in their rehabilitation. Melanie takes an individualized approach in the rehabilitation of her clients, as she believes no two individuals have the same expectations or goals in their treatment. In January 2011, Melanie accepted a Centre Manager position at Family Physiotherapy Centre's Bank Street Wellness Centre.

    Melanie continues to volunteer her time in the community including such events as "Ride the Rideau," and participates in recreational soccer throughout the year. She also enjoys bicycling, running, and playing golf.