Endless Ice (Skating Treadmill)

Today's hockey players are faster, bigger and stronger than ever before. The elements that can set one athlete apart from the rest are skating skills, speed, agility and stamina. The Endless Ice Skating Treadmill has be designed to develop a solid foundation for players of all ages and all skill levels, helping to increase stride mechanics, neuromuscular coordination and muscle physiology, allowing them to maximize their overall athletic and game potential.

Our programming reaches far beyond an athletes simple use of the treadmill. in depth analysis of skating stride, puck handling skills and overall agility are assessed and form part of our commitment to delivering outcome measures that are specific to each athlete.

No one athlete is alike and this holds true in any strength and fitness program. There is an "I" in team as a team is made up of athletes that make positive individual contributions towards a common goal and we work with the "I's" who for the most part are a part of a team.

Endless Ice Specialist (Shane Byrne)

Born and raised in Ottawa Shane played Junior hockey for 5 years, and was a draft pick of the Kingston Frontenacs of the OHL. After completing his Junior hockey, Shane attended the University of Ottawa and earned a BA in Social Sciences. Throughout his time in University Shane has worked with people of all ages and abilities on the skating treadmill. For over 5 years now Shane has been delivering hockey specific programs and workouts for athletes ranging from 8 year old, to NHL caliber players.

Shane knows what it takes to play hockey at an elite level, so when he was 15 he put himself through skating treadmill training. "It was the reason I made the jump from Major Bantam AA to Junior B, by not only helping improve my skating ability, but my confidence as well."

Endless Ice is a state of the art training tool for hockey players. It is the most sport specific training tool available for hockey players of all ages. Not only does the machine provide major emphasis on correcting and improving skating mechanics, but there is always a trainer present to instruct and encourage the athletes throughout their programs. In addition to this, the difficulty of the treadmill pushes the athletes hard, and helps them hit the anaerobic training zones specific to hockey. The treadmill also has the capability of helping athletes improve their hand-eye coordination, off-center core stability or balance, and more specifically athletes can improve their stick-handling with the help of a video program.

"Nowadays athletes utilize all the latest knowledge and technology to gain any kind of advantage they can on the opposition. Endless Ice is that advantage for hockey players. You get out what you put in!"

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