Forever Young Active Aging Program

Our Forever Young Active Aging Program (Community Outreach) was created as the result of years of experience in working with seniors in a variety of settings including Retirement Homes, Long Term Care Homes and Home Care. The Program's content and context thereof is the fruit of our being able to work closely with variety of care givers that have an unwavering commitment to Elder Care.

The Forever Young Active Aging Program provides the following benefits to seniors who live in a Retirement Home community or who continue to live independent lives in their own home:

  • Researched Falls Prevention and Recovery Program (Developed by Family Physiotherapy Centre and its Clinical Advisory Board which is comprised of members who work with seniors and Researchers)
  • One on One Programs of Care which include program of care for stroke survivors, dementia and Alzheimer patients, cancer patients, osteoporosis patients and Parkinson patients.
  • Core Strength Development
  • Cardio Exercises which promotes vitality and overall good health
  • Group Activities (Exercise)
  • Education

The Forever Young Active Aging Program is  available to senior's at large through our Community Outreach Program which is currently available at:

  • Family Physio's Forever Young Active Aging Studio is located in the Westgate Shopping Centre.

The Forever Young Active Aging Program is an extension of our Home Care programming whereby in lieu of delivering expensive fee for service physio and fitness programming to seniors in isolation of their Home, we invite seniors to participate in this program in a group setting.

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