Seniors Health & Mobility Program

Family Physiotherapy Centre (FPC) is recognized as a Designated Physiotherapy Clinic as prescribed for by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. As such, we are authorized to deliver Physiotherapy programs of care to residents living in a Long Term Care Home or a Retirement Home the latter being considered Home Care and is subject to provisions as set forth in the Health Insurance Act.

The provisions and eligibility guidelines as to the scope and frequency of treatments in a Long Term Care setting are defined in the Ontario Health Insurance Act R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 552.


Retirement Home residents are subject to MOHLTC policies which governs eligibility for Home Care for citizens who are 19 and under and 65 and over.  There is NO OHIP Funded Physiotherapy Program for seniors who live in a retirement home, but a great majority of residents do qualify for Home Care physio provided that the requisition for care is supported by a MD's prescription.

As custodians of the public purse, Family Physiotherapy Centre always endeavors to be 100% compliant with the Ontario Health Insurance Act.

Our Program

Unlike most of our competitors, FPC does not set the agenda with regards to how Physiotherapy services are delivered in your Home as we believe that the delivery of our programs has to be synced with the specific needs of each Home we service. This of course can only be achieved through a collaborative effort to develop programs with the Home that suits the Home's restorative care needs and that of their resident's. 

We are after all Guests in your Home(s)...

Every employee is required to participate in our Corporate Training Program and is invited to pursue continuing education opportunities that focus on geriatrics. Family Physio supports these initiatives by allocating substantial annual employee education allowances to all of it's employees.  Our employees are also required to secure a Police Background check along with an immunization record and are required to abide by our Privacy and Confidentiality and Sexual Harassment Policies.

In general terms, our Senior's Health and Mobility Program is designed to minimize a resident's pain and maximize his/her mobility and this is achieved by delivering care in the following manners:

  • One on one treatment programs specifically designed for seniors that are based on the results of the Physiotherapy initial assessment findings, prescribed treatment plan and relevant outcome measures.
  • Group activities that focus on Falls Prevention which is delivered under the prescriptions that form part of Family Physiotherapy Centre's official Falls Prevention Program.  Group activities can include, strength training, gait modification programs and group activities organized by the Home's restoratice care unit in concert with Family Physio.
  • Assistive Device Assessments (walkers/canes/wheelchairs).
  • Some programs are covered by OHIP and others are subject to reasonable fee for service options.

Substantiated and Relevant Reporting

FPC provides the Home with a month end report that speaks to how many residents are on the Physio program.  This report is broken down by the number of residents receiving one on one care, by how many residents are participating in Falls Prevention exercise classes and frequency thereof, and the number of Physio In-Services delivered to the Homes restorative care staff and to family members.

Long Term Care Homes can expect reporting that compliments their obligation to effectively track restorative care programming in order to maximize their RAI/MDS protocols and funding.  Family Physio does attempt to avoid redundant reporting but rather focuses on capturing data that is relevant to the Home with regards to the benefits that the delivery of our Program has on it's Residents.

Active Memberships

In Services

As part of our service commitment to the Home, FPC will host and facilitate the delivery of In Services which include but not limited to the following subjects:

  • Proper transfer procedures
  • Back Care (injury prevention through education)
  • Least Restraint procedures (promoting ethical and non-intrusive approaches)
  • Falls Prevention (understanding the root causes)
  • Pain Management and trigger points
  • Effects of prescription medication on cognitive state
  • Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis Explained
  • Ergonomic Assessment education (height of bed, proper set-up of walker, canes etc..)

More Information

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