Workplace Injury Prevention Program (WIPP)

While it is true that Physiotherapy is highly recognized as a health care profession that is focused on employee injury rehabilitation there is notwithstanding a dire need to address and evaluate workplace conditions that historically are the root cause of employee injuries and of course absenteeism. A perfect example of this is someone who sits in a chair all day long generally speaking will develop chronic lower back and shoulder pain both of which are conditions that can be avoided if time is taken to assess the type of chair they sit on, the height of the desk, the computer monitor resolution settings, the type of keyboard and mouse they use.

Family Physio's Workplace Injury Prevention Program (WIPP) starts with a detailed  on-site assessment which focuses on visible shortcomings that can negatively impact an employee's health. We provide a detailed report to both the employee(s) and the employer with specific recommendations that should be implemented in order to mitigate the risk of employee(s) work related injuries.

FPC can also look to any member of its multi-disciplinary team to contribute to the WIPP. This might include a request for an assessment from our Registered Massage Therapy, Orthotic, Reflexology and Occupational Therapy team members which can assists us in identifying the appropriate Program of Care and the resulting treatment options that will help mitigate the risk of further injury and discomfort once the relevant workplace assessment findings are implemented by both the employer and the employee(s).

Employers who provide employee benefits should have a vested interest in our Workplace Injury Prevention Program as the reduction in claims will result in lower premiums and an expedited post-injury return of the employee(s) to the workplace is a win/win situations for both the employer and the employee(s).

WIPP commonly addresses:

  • Workstation ergonomic assessment (chair, desk, PC monitor, mouse, keyboard, lighting, and HVAC elements)
  • Lifting techniques (range of motion and proper use of muscle group)
  • Footwear evaluation (Gait Scan and orthotic assessments)
  • Vestibular discomfort and workplace noise levels assessment
  • HVAC (employee(s) proximity to both the intake and return registers.
  • Lunchroom and vending machine Nutritional Assessment.
  • Assessment of the potential value to introduce a companywide Employee Health and Fitness Program.

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