Sports Therapy

Family Physiotherapy Centre’s understanding of sports related injuries is unprecedented in the industry.

From our President’s degree in Phys.Ed. to the countless hours spent working with real people who hunger to be all of what they can be makes it easy for us to work with athletes in remedying their aches and pains in a manner which is part rehab and part education.

Sports related injuries can often times be avoided by simply learning more about movements and flex thresholds that lend themselves to injury prevention.

FPC is staffed by Professionals who promote health and fitness as a way of life! FPC can work with you in a variety of ways which includes dry land rehab to all out Hydro-Therapy treatments which once again makes FPC stand out in the crowd.

Our Physiotherapists are athletes themselves and as such they can relate to other athletes in a way which promotes interaction in the assessment of the injury and the proposed Program of Care and Injury Prevention Plan.