Enriching Peoples Lives
With Trusted Care

Innovative, Trusted Provider of Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & More

Family Physiotherapy Centres is an innovative and trusted healthcare company providing a wide range of care solutions. Our team of respected healthcare professionals has extensive experience in providing exceptional services and programs in multiple care settings. Using industry-recognized methods, our team can improve a patient’s well-being, mobility, and health. Our range of services includes one-on-one manual therapy, rehabilitation therapy and on-site programs.


Above all, this philosophy is woven throughout all Family Physiotherapy Centres including:

• Our Clinics
• Eldercare Services
• Rehabilitation Services
• Community Services Family


Physiotherapy Centres’ unique approach is to provide a long-standing practitioner for each patient to enhance our patients lives with innovative and trusted healthcare solutions by caring and experienced professionals.
In addition, we encourage different perspectives from all stakeholders involved in a patient’s continuum of care.

Our Philosophy is Woven Throughout
All Family Physiotherapy Centres


Eldercare Services

Serving seniors and mature adults with the utmost in care and treatment they deserve for wellness & better living.


Our Clinics

Every Family Physio clinic offers the same high standard of care our patients have come to know & appreciate.


Rehabilitation Services

We want to be your trusted partner in helping you overcome injury & illness to achieve return to normalcy.


Community Services

Family Physio is dedicated to being a valued member of the communities we serve, making positive contributions.