Athletic Treatment with
Sports Therapy

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Facilitating Rehab & Recovery
for Athletes' Injuries

Staffed by Professionals who promote health and fitness as a way of life, our understanding of sports-related injuries is unprecedented. Our approach enables athletes to remedy their aches and pains using methods which are part rehab and part education. By learning more about movements and flex thresholds, many sports-related injuries are often avoidable.

Sports injuries are an unfortunate but not unexpected part of athletics. The nature of playing a sport means a race against time with the human body exerting at maximum performance levels. From time to time, sports injuries can and do occur. Some injuries are due to collisions or other player-on-player incidents, while other sports injuries happen as a result of the body exceeding the physical range allowed by physics and human anatomy. Athletes ourselves, we understand the nature of sports injuries, and we are here to help athletes recover from injury through a process of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Treatment by Physiotherapists
Who Are Also Athletes

From dry land rehab to Hydrotherapy treatments, FPC has a variety of options to help you achieve your best.

Athletes Treated by Athletes for Sports Injuries
Our Physiotherapists are athletes themselves which allows them to relate to other athletes. This promotes interaction in the assessment of the injury and the proposed Program of Care and Injury Prevention Plan.

From our President’s Phys.Ed. degree to our experience aiding real people who strive for excellence, FPC stands out in the crowd!

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